Aerolíneas Estelar

Aerolíneas Estelar, formally known as Estelar Latinoamerica, is a Venezuelan airline based in Caracas. Recognized for its services that connect the Venezuelan capital with several domestic and international destinations, Aerolíneas Estelar emphasizes providing passenger flights that embody reliability and comfort. Since its establishment, the airline has focused on facilitating accessible air travel within Venezuela and beyond, becoming a recognizable name in the South American aviation sector.


Aerolíneas Estelar operates flights across numerous routes, covering key domestic destinations within Venezuela, and extending its wings to various international locations, offering passengers a range of options for both local and international travel. The airline aims to bridge critical connectivity gaps within the region, ensuring passengers have access to reliable flight services that connect them to pivotal business and leisure destinations.


The airline boasts a fleet that’s capable of serving its diverse route network, employing aircraft that are suited to both its domestic and international services. Known for maintaining aircraft that deliver on both comfort and safety, Aerolíneas Estelar ensures that passengers experience tranquil journeys, whether traveling within Venezuela’s borders or venturing internationally.


  • IATA: ES

Official site:

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