Aerolíneas Ejecutivas

Aerolíneas Ejecutivas established in 1968 by Arturo Ortega Olive, stands as a reputable air charter operator in Mexico, boasting over five decades of aviation experience. With a fleet size of 27 aircraft, as of April 2015, the airline has managed to carve out a niche in the air charter sector, ensuring a consistent and dedicated service in the aviation community. Employing 530 individuals and flying approximately 15,000 hours annually, as per 2016 data, Aerolíneas Ejecutivas demonstrates a significant presence in the region, providing chartered flights with a commitment to safety and customer service.


Aerolíneas Ejecutivas operates as an air charter provider, offering flexible and tailored flight options to its clientele. The specific destinations can be customized according to the passengers’ requirements, making it a preferred choice for personalized and exclusive travel experiences. Its primary hub is located at Toluca International Airport, ensuring optimal connectivity and a wide range of travel options for both business and leisure trips.


The fleet of Aerolíneas Ejecutivas, numbering 27 aircraft as per the data from April 2015, is equipped to facilitate a diverse range of air charter needs, providing both luxury and functionality. Although specific models of the aircraft are not mentioned, the airline’s fleet size ensures that it can cater to various customer demands, ensuring a bespoke flying experience.



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