AeroItalia, an Italian airline, commenced its operations on 9 July 2022, under the leadership of CEO Francesco Gaetano Intrieri, a former consultant of Italy’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The airline was launched with backing from Germán Efromovich, who serves as the President, and French banker Marc Bourgade. Headquartered in Rome, AeroItalia operates from its bases in Bergamo and Comiso, focusing on connecting various domestic destinations along with selected international locales. As of October 2023, the airline serves 22 destinations and has shown a keen interest in expanding its footprint, including increased flights to Sicily and plans for flights to the United States and Latin America by 2023.


AeroItalia has a comprehensive network within Italy, serving cities like Bergamo, Comiso, Bologna, Catania, Milan, Naples, and Rome. Internationally, the airline operates flights to Vienna (Austria), several destinations in Greece (Heraklion, Karpathos, Mykonos, Zakynthos), Bacău and Bucharest (Romania), and Barcelona (Spain). Some routes are seasonal, like those to Greek islands and Lampedusa in Italy, while others to Tel Aviv (Israel), Valletta (Malta), and London (UK) have been terminated.


AeroItalia’s fleet, as of July 2023, comprises eight aircraft: two ATR 72-600s leased from AirConnect, one Boeing 737-700 leased from Hello Jets, and six Boeing 737-800s. The airline also has three Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft on order. This mixed fleet allows AeroItalia to cater to different market demands while ensuring operational efficiency and customer comfort.


  • IATA: XZ

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