Aeroexpress Regional


Aeroexpress Regional is a Hungarian regional airline, partly owned by Budapest Aircraft Service and part of the Aeroexpress Group. It began operations on September 5, 2022, with its main hub at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport. The airline aims to establish connections between cities in Hungary and Romania, particularly those challenging to reach by road or rail. It commenced services connecting Budapest to Debrecen and Cluj-Napoca, and later expanded to Transylvania, including Târgu Mureş.


The airline’s primary destinations include Budapest, Debrecen, and Cluj-Napoca. It has also expanded its services to the Transylvanian region of Romania, connecting to cities like Târgu Mureş. The focus is on enhancing regional connectivity, especially between Hungary and Romania.


Aeroexpress Regional operates with a small fleet of 2 aircraft, with an average fleet age of 33.8 years as of the latest data. The exact types of aircraft in their fleet are not specified.


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