Founded in the early 1990s by Dr. Jorge Monasterio Velasco, Aeroeste has been a stalwart in Bolivian aviation for over two decades. Initially starting with a Piper Saratoga for personal use, Dr. Velasco recognized the need for larger, safer aircraft in Bolivia and expanded his fleet to include an Aerocommander 690B. Today, the company is run by his two sons, Sebastián and Mariano Monasterio, who have inherited their father’s passion for aviation. Aeroeste operates under Bolivian Aeronautical Regulations RAB 121 and RAB 145. Although it initially provided air transportation services mainly for the oil industry, it has since expanded its scope to include domestic and international charter flights for passengers and cargo, as well as offering an Air Medical Evacuation Service.


Aeroeste specializes in national and international charter flights, providing crucial air transport services not just for passengers but also for cargo. The airline also offers an Air Medical Evacuation Service, underscoring its commitment to meeting a variety of air travel needs in Bolivia and beyond.


The airline’s current fleet comprises 2 Beechcraft 1900D, 2 Cessna Citations (Bravo / Ultra), 1 Aerocommander 690D, and 2 Piper Saratoga II HP aircraft. This diverse range of airplanes allows Aeroeste to offer flexible services that cater to different types of flying needs, from smaller, private trips to larger cargo hauls.



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