AeroCaribe de Honduras

AeroCaribe de Honduras, established in 2009, is a Honduran domestic airline that offers scheduled flights throughout the country, providing an alternative option for domestic travel within Honduras. With its hub at La Ceiba Golosón International Airport (LCE), AeroCaribe navigates routes primarily to Guanaja and Puerto Lempira, employing a dedicated fleet and adhering to a schedule that contributes to the connectivity of Honduran islands and facilitates local travel. The airline prides itself on offering consistent and direct connections, particularly between La Ceiba and its operational destinations.


AeroCaribe de Honduras presently operates flights across 3 Honduran destinations, notably La Ceiba, Guanaja, and Puerto Lempira, with a focus on providing direct and reliable connections. Its strategic hub at La Ceiba Golosón International Airport facilitates its network, ensuring seamless operations and a consolidated reach within the domestic sector of Honduras.


The airline maintains a fleet consisting of a single LET-410 UVPE turboprop plane, which it utilizes for all its scheduled flights. This aircraft adheres to the operational requirements and network demands of AeroCaribe, serving its relatively compact route map with efficiency and reliability, ensuring a consistent travel experience for passengers navigating within Honduras.