Aerocardal is a Chilean airline headquartered in Santiago, Chile. Established in 1989, the airline specializes in providing charter and medical evacuation services. It also offers VIP transfers, commercial and cargo flights, and aircraft maintenance. The airline has a strong reputation for punctuality and safety, and it adheres to stringent international standards. Aerocardal is committed to providing high-quality service to its passengers, prioritizing safety and reliability at every turn. With a focus on specialized aviation services, Aerocardal has carved a unique niche for itself in the Chilean and South American aviation markets.


Aerocardal primarily operates charter flights within Chile and to other countries in South America. The airline also offers specialized medical evacuation flights, often serving as a vital lifeline for remote communities.


The airline operates a diverse fleet tailored to its specialized services. This includes small turboprop aircraft for short-haul flights and medical evacuations, as well as larger jets suitable for charter and cargo services.



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