AeroBoyacá is a regional Colombian airline that focuses primarily on connecting the Boyacá region with other parts of Colombia. Founded in the early 2000s, the airline aims to make travel within the region more accessible, thereby facilitating economic development and tourism. The airline has carved out a niche by offering flights to destinations that are often overlooked by larger carriers, thus serving as a crucial transportation link for remote communities and smaller cities. While the airline is smaller compared to national operators, it has gained a reputation for reliability and personalized service.


AeroBoyacá’s operational focus is on domestic routes within Colombia, primarily serving the Boyacá region. This includes flights to and from cities like Tunja, Duitama, and Sogamoso, as well as connections to larger Colombian cities such as Bogotá.


The airline operates a small but versatile fleet of regional aircraft. The planes are typically turboprop models well-suited for short-haul flights and for landing on smaller runways, enabling the airline to serve a wide range of destinations within Colombia.


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