AeroAndinas, established in 2012, is a Venezuelan airline headquartered at the “Francisco García de Hevia” International Airport in La Fría, located in the Táchira State. The airline, with a modest but impactful fleet of three Jetstream J-31 aircraft, each with a seating capacity of 19 passengers, diligently connects various destinations within Venezuela, providing pivotal air transportation services that enhance connectivity within the country and potentially beyond in the future.


AeroAndinas currently connects several Venezuelan destinations, including La Fría (Táchira), Las Piedras (Falcón), Maracaibo (Zulia), and Santa Bárbara del Zulia (Zulia), with potential upcoming destinations like Barquisimeto (Lara) and Valencia (Carabobo), ensuring key regions within the nation are accessibly linked, providing vital air routes for passengers seeking both domestic travel solutions and exploring the mesmerizing locales of Venezuela.


The airline operates a fleet of three Jetstream J-31 aircraft, each offering a seating capacity for 19 passengers. These aircraft serve as the backbone of AeroAndinas’ operations, facilitating the transportation of passengers across its network of destinations, ensuring timely, safe, and comfortable travel experiences for those who choose to navigate the Venezuelan skies with AeroAndinas.


  • IATA: VH