Aero Gorda

Aero Gorda, an airline established and operated by pilot Neville Braithwaite and his son, has been serving the skies since 2015. Based in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, this family-run business has prided itself on providing intimate, reliable, and personable air travel experiences to its passengers. With a focus on connecting destinations with a personal touch, Aero Gorda carves out its own niche in the aviation sector, embodying a spirit of familial leadership and attentive customer service within its operations.


Specific information regarding Aero Gorda’s flight destinations is not provided, but being based in St. Thomas, it’s plausible that the airline may serve various routes within the US Virgin Islands and potentially beyond, connecting passengers to crucial destinations in the region with a personalized and attentive approach to air travel.


Details about the specific types of airplanes Aero Gorda operates are not available. However, with the intimate and familial nature of the business, it might operate smaller aircraft to effectively manage its routes and provide a tailored flight experience for its passengers. The fleet is likely chosen for its reliability, safety, and suitability for the routes flown.