AerCaribe is a Colombian-based cargo and passenger airline that provides a range of services within Colombia as well as to other parts of South America. Founded in 1968, the airline has built its reputation on reliability and efficient service. With a primary focus on cargo transportation, AerCaribe is a key player in the logistics chain for many businesses. It also offers passenger services on some routes, providing an essential link to communities that have limited access to other forms of transport. The airline is committed to safety and has a solid track record in this regard.


AerCaribe operates primarily within Colombia but also extends its services to other parts of South America including Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Their flight network caters to the needs of both the business and consumer sectors, offering cargo and limited passenger services to various destinations.


The airline operates a diverse fleet of aircraft optimized for cargo operations. These include various models of Boeing and Antonov planes, which are well-suited for carrying heavy and oversized cargo. Their fleet also includes smaller aircraft for short-haul flights and remote destinations.


  • IATA: JK

Official site:

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